• Image of Sorrows

One Of a Kind Sterling Silver Scroll with Black Sapphire Teardrop on Chain.

"I have always been a very deeply emotional person, often lost in my thoughts and own melancholy. Those kind of feelings are playing two roles in my life. Someday they drag me down the downward spiral and make me feel lost and helpless. Other days, I use them to make beautiful things.
These little banners came out as a need to express those feeling, to encapsulate them in a tiny object forever. I like to think that they will speak to you and that the wearer will be able to charge them with their own emotions and meanings. I always try to make pieces that I hope will be treasured and used as tokens of your feelings and memories. Whether it is sadness, love or nostalgia, these will help you to manifest and enclose your fond or painful remembrances."

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